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Glass is beautiful, it shines from all corners when any light touches it, it can beam to lead and illuminate. Becoming glass brings success.


I want to become glass, but how?


A grain of sand. It starts it’s life surrounded by millions of others. Surrounded by all of the thoughts and dreams, now realizing itself what it wants to become. It wants to be great, it wants to go further, it wants to shine.


A single grain with a burning ambition wades it’s way through the desert, it travels far and wide working it’s hardest. It reaches the surface only to see as far as from the east to the west and from the north to the south – all is the same.


Blue, sadness and anxiety seeping through from all angles like rain drops crashing. The splashes throw it around like waves throwing fisherman across the lake.


The storm has set and each grain is unsettled, being upset and violent in a desert of clones. Knowing this full well our friend falls, he wants his time in the sun but where does he even start. There is too many in this world.


The storm rages on in his mind.


He sits down and looks at a reflection and hears the words burning;


‘Here I stand, not by choice, but by the way made by me. The ones that could also be here outnumber the sands of the Sahara.


‘However they will never be born, they will never know because none of them believe they can. All I know is that they are wrong. Among these are great ones greater than us, who are on the front line of this world, how dare we suppress these individuals.


‘Let them burn brighter than the sun.’


The storm grows, the eye draws near.


Now I understand, now I know. I, as tiny grain of sand going through all of this, must now go through the pain. I must be scorched and burned. I must be thrown in the fire and I must go through all the pain and suffering.


I am at peace with this.


When sand goes through all of this, when it goes through stress day by day and has it’s soul scorched and burned what happens?


It changes form and becomes glass.


That little grain of sand has now, after it’s hard work and all the trials he has had to go through, has achieved the goal.


Realize; glass doesn’t form without having gone through hell first.


Thank you for reading this!

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– Michael.

Beware the Dreamer.

Hey everyone!

Well, this year has defiantly been a roller coaster, I mean you start working full time and suddenly it’s almost October – where did the year go!?

In any case I hope this post finds you all well. If there is one thing that I have learned over the last 8 months is never let go of your dreams, don’t let anyone dictate your life and tell you it has to be lived a certain way.

I wrote this probably when I was 17, sitting in my new flat that I was so proud of and stuck in a state of mind that lead me to think of everything that was, will be or that could be – I really hope you enjoy this one.


Beware the dreamer~


On a sunset she rides

Bearing on the edge of my mind. Lingering in the corner of my eye.

But when I turn to see,

No one is there and Im still standing alone.

Trees whisper her name,

But I still can’t make out who she is

She dances in the memories

Like leaves floating after great winds

I knew her once

A lifetime ago

When things were clear in my head

The memory taunts me and it’s left with me wanting to know

Why would the raven cut off his wings?

Why would a fish swim without scales?

And what makes the day miss the rain so.

But now, Im beginning to forget her, But my soul cannot it knows her too well. I am the dreamer that long awaits,

The return of one who knows my fate.

Psychic links where how I know her,

I knew what she was wearing just by thinking while hearing her voice.

Not a hard guess, she was sitting the left side of her bed on a slight diagonal.

She wasn’t scared. She was glad that I could see her in my mind at least. For it was more than she could do. She sees me all the time, but it’s her memory that looks on, she’s caged away in the clasp of an evil wolf. The wolf angers when she doesn’t do what she is told. But a toast to he who keeps warm with natures help. His sanity has been taken by her. She knows this.


Creative Writing



Now he leads his life in solitude as he longs to remember,

Forgetting the touches of reality. Loosing himself among paper flowers. Distracting himself away from what he is truly good at, his passion. His mind has been taken away, like a thief in the night.

He used to believe that he was meant for great.

But doing what he has always wanted to do now seems only second rate.

Touching the side of my mind she comes back in

Swaying from edge to edge, and back again.


Seeing her again would only register as an illusion. For I have lost all sense of touch, thinking maybe it was all in my thoughts while I slept. This anonymous creature who impacts so much on such a fragile brain Probably feels the same. But only deep inside, showing any of this would cause destruction, But how can a man resist such sweet, gentle seduction? As sublime as a the rainbow touches the endless sky, All that is in me will say that I, and the dreamer will re unite one day,

In a calm peaceful place marred by the sensation of death, but it will come to pass, that I’ll be there ready to say, all the questions that have been building up over the past, until today. The point was to live a great life and not travel.

But leaving for the southern lands, would change the life of this content man, Many a day he would spend with one of the greatest friends. Building and musing themselves with the little things around the neighbourhood. They grew to be working men. Keeping in touch, but never being as close as when. The days of youth.

These days the mind is clouded. With addictions and bad habits abroad. Trading his life for the one he had when he was young, Who knows what he could have become. But to look back on life while you’re still alive is not wise, If you do not learn from your past, not far away will be your demise.

As she returns, once again. Time has passed from beginning to the end. And still much is the same. The days are short and there is much to do. Just don’t be like me and give up your soul to amuse,

The dreamer will come to haunt you.


Thank you for reading this!

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– Michael.


Ashed Lands.

Hey everyone,

So lately things have been back and forth, When you think you know something about some one and it turns out that you knew nothing at all. it makes you feel pretty sick in side especially after all the memories that you build with that person. Which leads me to this, I wrote this picturing the place I got to escape the world, well one of them anyway. I hope you like this and I hope that you always be careful with who you open yourself up to.

Ashed Lands~

As I return once more, returning the call. I find my one home sanctuary has been destroyed. Burnt by the fires that burned below, and then showered with grey snow from hell. There is no trees, only the burnt trunks where they used to stand so tall. As I walk I recognize different places that I had once dwelled in or visited. The change one event can create is devastating. Why must my land be destroyed, my sanctuary, my own world, my place of safety? The one place that I could count on to run away to, has been covered in a blanket of ash. The red mountain has spewed up its innards all over my fantasy world. As I walk through the once dense forest, I begin to see a new beauty though, I see new seeds growing, sprouting from the ash. It reminds me that even if my world can be destroyed,  it will always rise again and become even more beautiful.


Things change over the years. My once sacred place is in the past now. I hear the calls to return, though I cannot go back. What’s in the past must stay in the past. A new generation of snow has come and I’ll love it just the same. I have many good memories in all of the lands behold in front of you, but I cannot return from whence I have been.

Time heals wounds but there are just some things that time cannot erase.

Will I find the secret stash hidden behind the log? Will I sit and drink mead with the locals as they tell me stories of the frozen lands and icy capped mountains? Will I go spear fishing in the gaps between the frozen sea? Will I converse with the spirits of the land as I give thanks for the prey that supplied my hunt? Of course I will. I lay back in my hammock and look at the stars and two moons and think about all the adventure I’ve had here and where I will be in the future. I will not give this up, how could I? It fuels my imagination and allows me to be myself without consequence. No one can take this away from me.

Never live your life without an escape, otherwise you will be living in stress and restlessness. Find your place, find your haven.

Thank you for reading this!

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Greetings from me,

I hope things in your life have brought you joy and made you smile. I hope that this year your dreams have been achieved and you have followed your heart to the ends of the earth to get what you want. This life is short so never hold back on the things you dream of. This was something I wrote a very long time ago, it’s  very sentimental and still hits my heart to this day – I hope you like it.


Solitude. ~

It’s where the nights are cold.

Where the one you love is not here

Solitude is vacancy, empty but stilling willing to hold.

In a place where all enemies are friends.

But only when the cool isn’t there to make them pretend.

Solitude come with insanity, lying awake thinking about them only making things worse with the depravity – not having you here makes your mind jump, dream and miss all at once. Just being plain lonely.

Music travels through time just like you. Always in the back of my mind but when the solitude hits – this has become a drive to.

I will see you again. Draw me a map I’ll walk it until I get to you. Every step of the journey will consist of the truth. That I have always loved you.

Solitude again leaves me speechless along with realizing the distance. Solitude is magical, rare and magnificent for those who haven’t the curse of a heart.

Solitude beckons to you. Knowing you’re better off until it haunts. Making images, showing fake signs and day dreaming taunts.

Even though sleep is here, solitude still decides that it is important for it to appear, in my mind, but not to fear, never will I forget you. Away from you I will never steer.

Solitude strengthens love. Distance fuels relationships and although things will try to get better time is still the thread woven through our fate – that one day we will be together.

Soon, my dreams will come true, and I will be with you.

Thank you for reading this!

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– Michael.



Something about snow…

Greetings friends,

I hope this post finds you all very well. I have for you all today, my first piece of writing. I wrote this about someone very special to me, she knows who she is. It is a simple, yet moving passage that takes a deep meaning for me. I hope that all of you can find a connection with the words and relate to it.




Those that look like snow touching the sky beam through the darkness
within brightening up the unknown to show he is no longer restless, but awake and dreaming.
Those that flow like dark tumblers falling down great distances.
Tears the run down the smoothest of cheeks and I still sit back and stare,
because the breathe has been taken out of me like the winters morning air.
I catch the tear and look down, for I am so grateful to have just that from my angel.
I step back as she spreads her wings and takes to the sky.
My heart says goodbye to my body because she has taken me with her, forever on her journey to happiness.


I personally still get lost in those words. I still think back to the day that I wrote this, it was a cold morning, I felt the chill on my face as I sat on my bed reading all of the thoughts that were running through my mind at the time. I hope you all enjoyed this passage and if you did feel free to leave a comment, maybe you can relate or you just plain loved it. In any case I would love to hear from you.

Anyway, I encourage you all to have an amazing day and remember to keep those imaginations active, don’t get yourself caught up in this worlds serious attitude. Don’t forget to follow the blog!

Thank you for reading this!

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– Michael.