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Glass is beautiful, it shines from all corners when any light touches it, it can beam to lead and illuminate. Becoming glass brings success.


I want to become glass, but how?


A grain of sand. It starts it’s life surrounded by millions of others. Surrounded by all of the thoughts and dreams, now realizing itself what it wants to become. It wants to be great, it wants to go further, it wants to shine.


A single grain with a burning ambition wades it’s way through the desert, it travels far and wide working it’s hardest. It reaches the surface only to see as far as from the east to the west and from the north to the south – all is the same.


Blue, sadness and anxiety seeping through from all angles like rain drops crashing. The splashes throw it around like waves throwing fisherman across the lake.


The storm has set and each grain is unsettled, being upset and violent in a desert of clones. Knowing this full well our friend falls, he wants his time in the sun but where does he even start. There is too many in this world.


The storm rages on in his mind.


He sits down and looks at a reflection and hears the words burning;


‘Here I stand, not by choice, but by the way made by me. The ones that could also be here outnumber the sands of the Sahara.


‘However they will never be born, they will never know because none of them believe they can. All I know is that they are wrong. Among these are great ones greater than us, who are on the front line of this world, how dare we suppress these individuals.


‘Let them burn brighter than the sun.’


The storm grows, the eye draws near.


Now I understand, now I know. I, as tiny grain of sand going through all of this, must now go through the pain. I must be scorched and burned. I must be thrown in the fire and I must go through all the pain and suffering.


I am at peace with this.


When sand goes through all of this, when it goes through stress day by day and has it’s soul scorched and burned what happens?


It changes form and becomes glass.


That little grain of sand has now, after it’s hard work and all the trials he has had to go through, has achieved the goal.


Realize; glass doesn’t form without having gone through hell first.


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Hey everyone, I hope this post finds you well.

Realizing that sometimes you just have to immerse yourself in your fantasy and lean back with that eerie music in your ears – taking in the full effect of the world around you.


‘So someone new comes onto the scene. Who knows what they will behold. Even still you show your heart to them. Idiot.

By now you should have realized that things like this don’t happen by themselves. Either you or someone else has their hand in it. But as midnight has hit nothing matters. The feelings are like that of waking up on a winter’s morning, walking out side with the icy winds on your face.

You put the first step into the snow and you feel it sink in. You though it would be soft and fluffy like it is on TV. Well it’s not. It’s hard and painfully cold, well where have we noticed this before?




As the flakes fall the landscape will change. The lives of nature evolves and adapts to its new surroundings. Once green hills turn to what look like ice cream scoops dropped on a mountain plateau. Run to the cliff and see what lies of the edge. Does it fall to a bottomless pit? Or does it slide down slowly and roll out to green grass with cows and foxes? While you’re there, lay down with your head hanging of the edge, what do you see? So many sparkles dancing in the blue sky.


But it’s midnight. You can’t change that. You can run away, you can hide in your room all the rest of your days but midnight will always catch you up. I face midnight fearless. Bring your horror to me and I will laugh in its face. Watch me stride through the darkness with the protection of ancients. I stare at the moon as it beams at me with all its strength. The stars are more to me than you, some are there but dead, some are dead but still shine their light. Those stars never give up even in the midnight. I am one of those stars. I will never stop shining.’


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Do not copy this. © Copyright Michael Williams 2016

– Michael.