Something about snow…

Greetings friends,

I hope this post finds you all very well. I have for you all today, my first piece of writing. I wrote this about someone very special to me, she knows who she is. It is a simple, yet moving passage that takes a deep meaning for me. I hope that all of you can find a connection with the words and relate to it.




Those that look like snow touching the sky beam through the darkness
within brightening up the unknown to show he is no longer restless, but awake and dreaming.
Those that flow like dark tumblers falling down great distances.
Tears the run down the smoothest of cheeks and I still sit back and stare,
because the breathe has been taken out of me like the winters morning air.
I catch the tear and look down, for I am so grateful to have just that from my angel.
I step back as she spreads her wings and takes to the sky.
My heart says goodbye to my body because she has taken me with her, forever on her journey to happiness.


I personally still get lost in those words. I still think back to the day that I wrote this, it was a cold morning, I felt the chill on my face as I sat on my bed reading all of the thoughts that were running through my mind at the time. I hope you all enjoyed this passage and if you did feel free to leave a comment, maybe you can relate or you just plain loved it. In any case I would love to hear from you.

Anyway, I encourage you all to have an amazing day and remember to keep those imaginations active, don’t get yourself caught up in this worlds serious attitude. Don’t forget to follow the blog!

Thank you for reading this!

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Do not copy this. © Copyright Michael Williams 2014

– Michael.



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