Dreams Cast.

Distance and loneliness can affect someones mind, it can pierce through the rays of imagination and burn your ambition. Knocking on the door to your thoughts, it’s the memories of the dream you have now distanced yourself from.

Even though you know you’ve never seen it before, the dream still lingers around like a faint cloud at the back of your mind. It feels so familiar and perfect yet you don’t know what it is, you try so hard to remember what it could be, make out the image in your mind but all you see is light. That light that you see every night when you’re asleep brings warmth, like the warm feeling of fire.


Can you remember what you used to plan, with your friends? Can you remember sailing away into the sunrise? Riding on the waves of feeling that were oh so comforting. Together, with all the confidence in the world, you arrive at the rolling grassy slopes that you once knew before it was so lush. Running your fingers through the long grass you take your mind back to the first time – the beginning.

Ten years ago, a time where the trees were still young, the land was recovering from the floods. You sit there in the spot you always find to relax, leading your head back, watch the clouds and reminisce the days when you were excited to come here, how it felt like home, when it felt like family.

Travelling together felt like there was nothing else in the world, the lake with the geese, the bay with the rainbow sands or even spending the nights roaming streets in darkness with deadly statues watching. None of that mattered, we were irresistibly indestructible.

I long to go back to those days.

But now the creek now runs deeper, everything is no longer brown and the space next to you is empty. It used to be filled by the world, the world that you leaned on. Something you never thought you would give up even if the whole universe collapsed. But it happened, your universe collapsed, the world ended and here you are, left standing with fires all around you leaving the dark hole in your heart to grow.

Taking a deep breath you cast back, sitting under the stars, watching and writing stories in your mind linking them to the many stars above you. You remember how you used to defeat monsters in the streets, how you used to chase the block and ride the wind to just catch a faint smile. It was worth it, for the snowy nights.

Now these days are spend remembering back to when it was good. Time changes everything and everyone. Today has not one thing that is as it was back then.

You’ve seen people come and go, you’ve seen the happy grow sour, you’ve seen them come through with new, golden intentions, only to leave innocent destruction in their wake. When you get blamed for the wrong things in life from people that pass by, you realize that the truth of the matter; you were there at the start, the beginning of it all and to read it through painful eyes, you will be the only one left at the end.

‘Feeling lonely and content, at the same time.’ 


Even with all of the harsh experience, even with all of the weight of bearing scars of a scorched soul, here you are, making it. You are here pushing against the current of the world because  you know that you did not get this far or go through said pain by letting it knock you down. Here you stand tall, even if there is no one beside you, the point is you’re here.

Now you can cast your dreams, cast it out to touch their hearts. The words are powerful and carry meaning, it takes someone special to translate the meanings of poetry or writing and use it to fuel their thoughts.

This has been lingering in my mind, once again the far off lands call to me to get lost in, to adventure and explore to find myself and meditate on the things that I could become.

Find your place and recharge, and come back twice as strong to deal with the world. Take the uneven trade for the real world and use it.

This feeling is most likely going to be misread and misinterpreted however I know the meaning, this is my dream cast.

Thank you for reading this!

Questions? Email me at: myimaginariumblog@gmail.com

Do not copy this. © Copyright Michael Williams 2016

– Michael.


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