Ashed Lands.

Hey everyone,

So lately things have been back and forth, When you think you know something about some one and it turns out that you knew nothing at all. it makes you feel pretty sick in side especially after all the memories that you build with that person. Which leads me to this, I wrote this picturing the place I got to escape the world, well one of them anyway. I hope you like this and I hope that you always be careful with who you open yourself up to.

Ashed Lands~

As I return once more, returning the call. I find my one home sanctuary has been destroyed. Burnt by the fires that burned below, and then showered with grey snow from hell. There is no trees, only the burnt trunks where they used to stand so tall. As I walk I recognize different places that I had once dwelled in or visited. The change one event can create is devastating. Why must my land be destroyed, my sanctuary, my own world, my place of safety? The one place that I could count on to run away to, has been covered in a blanket of ash. The red mountain has spewed up its innards all over my fantasy world. As I walk through the once dense forest, I begin to see a new beauty though, I see new seeds growing, sprouting from the ash. It reminds me that even if my world can be destroyed,  it will always rise again and become even more beautiful.


Things change over the years. My once sacred place is in the past now. I hear the calls to return, though I cannot go back. What’s in the past must stay in the past. A new generation of snow has come and I’ll love it just the same. I have many good memories in all of the lands behold in front of you, but I cannot return from whence I have been.

Time heals wounds but there are just some things that time cannot erase.

Will I find the secret stash hidden behind the log? Will I sit and drink mead with the locals as they tell me stories of the frozen lands and icy capped mountains? Will I go spear fishing in the gaps between the frozen sea? Will I converse with the spirits of the land as I give thanks for the prey that supplied my hunt? Of course I will. I lay back in my hammock and look at the stars and two moons and think about all the adventure I’ve had here and where I will be in the future. I will not give this up, how could I? It fuels my imagination and allows me to be myself without consequence. No one can take this away from me.

Never live your life without an escape, otherwise you will be living in stress and restlessness. Find your place, find your haven.

Thank you for reading this!

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Do not copy this. © Copyright Michael Williams 2014

– Michael.


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