Greetings from me,

I hope things in your life have brought you joy and made you smile. I hope that this year your dreams have been achieved and you have followed your heart to the ends of the earth to get what you want. This life is short so never hold back on the things you dream of. This was something I wrote a very long time ago, it’s  very sentimental and still hits my heart to this day – I hope you like it.


Solitude. ~

It’s where the nights are cold.

Where the one you love is not here

Solitude is vacancy, empty but stilling willing to hold.

In a place where all enemies are friends.

But only when the cool isn’t there to make them pretend.

Solitude come with insanity, lying awake thinking about them only making things worse with the depravity – not having you here makes your mind jump, dream and miss all at once. Just being plain lonely.

Music travels through time just like you. Always in the back of my mind but when the solitude hits – this has become a drive to.

I will see you again. Draw me a map I’ll walk it until I get to you. Every step of the journey will consist of the truth. That I have always loved you.

Solitude again leaves me speechless along with realizing the distance. Solitude is magical, rare and magnificent for those who haven’t the curse of a heart.

Solitude beckons to you. Knowing you’re better off until it haunts. Making images, showing fake signs and day dreaming taunts.

Even though sleep is here, solitude still decides that it is important for it to appear, in my mind, but not to fear, never will I forget you. Away from you I will never steer.

Solitude strengthens love. Distance fuels relationships and although things will try to get better time is still the thread woven through our fate – that one day we will be together.

Soon, my dreams will come true, and I will be with you.

Thank you for reading this!

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Do not copy this. © Copyright Michael Williams 2014

– Michael.


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