‘Do you ever get the feeling that you’re lost?’

Wandering through the forest, arching for the path of your life.

Have you ever spent the time flowing through the fields of your thoughts, running your hands through the flowers and grass.

Feeling the memories and faint lost happiness glide through your fingers.

Stopping along the way, you lay back and stare at the clouds.

Forgetting all reason, you notice this cloud looks like the time when you and your best friend rolled down the hills near the sea. More clouds pass, you notice another, it reminds you of your family, and how fitting in was so difficult.

It’s always been this way though hasn’t it..

Back when you were younger, school days – you would be hidden away. Always making excuses because you didn’t want to feel the energies of the world. It was too much being around the drama and pain. Not only because it was frustrating, but because you could feel all of the emotions of those affected.

Not only could you feel it, you took it on as your own.

It was out of your reach to know how to deal with these strong feelings and emotions, being so very heavy. You didn’t know how to control it, all you knew is that it was way too loud – the desire to always run away became prominent.

And of course, you did run away. You ran away and lost yourself in fantasy worlds that welcomed your in, made you a home and comfort from the real world.

Another cloud goes by.

It looks like a sea of people waving back at you, but their eyes aren’t looking directly at you, they’re looking past you. What better reminder of all the people that have come in, made their home with you… Only to have them pick up and move on, without a trace as if your life is a motel, a place of safety when things are tough or scarce.

These are the ones that hurt the most.

You go through the process of learning them, walk with them, eat, drink and sleep with them.

You cried with them..

You take a minuet and breathe.

What makes someone want to let go of something after so much history?

In the end you’ve learned that when people come through to make the most of it, after all it’s only temporary.

They all seem to forget in the end.

But I never will.



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© Copyright Michael Williams 2017

– Michael.


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