Imaginary World.

Hello where ever you all are.

I hope that in the past week great things have happened to you, I personally have scored myself a job which is very exciting for me.

So to the subject at hand; my imaginary world. I feel this describes one of the many places in my mind, I hope you guys really get a lot out of this.


Imaginary world~


A mystical world where things always go well. Always out and about adventuring, no one lives at home in a shell. Treasure beyond imagination and dreams through caves, crevasses and deep ravines. The sky is blue by day and the lights dance through it at night. Two moons hang freely in the air looking down at you watching you go everywhere and anywhere. Without a care you rummage through the ruins of a once great castle. Knowing the danger you enter fearless because you know that you have trained hard for this. Your mind focuses on the dark figures emerging from the mists.


Running through fields of green, laying the in grass with your face upward thinking of how any other life must have been. In the distance lays more to the eye than first understood, squinting you see swamplands, with marred trees and more drift wood. Seemingly disgusting, like the bubbles of molasses oozing from the press, you know better than to judge this book by what it has on the outer edge. Grasp your staff dreamer, explore this new avenue, see it at first as it is but then make it out to be something that it is not, you know that just as the duckling is a later swan, this place may look bad, but you could be wrong.


Take something for what it is and make it your own, to show the world what it means to you, not to mention the respect of the place you are at  and help it to not feel alone. Take it as molasses and call it honey, for the world only knows what you speak of it, it might be a dark place that always rains, tell them that it really nice and sunny. See the point of this is, the reason things are not what they should be, is because of the absence of the love they deserve and being judged so abruptly. Words are powerful so use them for the good of the neglected, know what you mean before you speak and power up those who cannot do it for themselves.


Watch as the unhappy turns happy, and watch as the dusk turns to night. Watch how the rain clears up and watch how the dull now shine bright.


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Do not copy this. © Copyright Michael Williams 2014



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