Welcome to my Imaginarium.

Welcome to my Imagination

Let me introduce myself.

Greetings everyone.

My name is Michael, I have a very strange imagination which leads me on interesting journeys everyday and flows out onto a page in a book through my pen. I thought it was time to publish my thoughts onto a blog for the world to see, regardless of the crazy things it may impose on the world.

I have been playing music for a very long time, coming on 8 or so years. I have always been into writing however I could never write any music to my words which always annoyed me. I have a strong connection with words and musical lyrics and that always led me into running off into my room with my note pad and writing my though dumps down. My inspiration has always been a band called Nightwish, they have such meaning in their words I literally listen to them every day. I would say that they have inspired me to create this blog. Maybe later on in the month I will do a review on the band and let you all know about them and how they inspire me but I guess that is reserved for another day.

This, my blog, will consist of creative writing ranging from the poetic nature, fictional writing, streams of consciousness and most importantly, musical content. I hope that you can come on this journey with me as I share with you the strange, weird yet wonderful things that run through my mind and the things I feel.

 What is an Imaginarium?

The definition of the word ‘Imaginarium’ derives from the root word ‘Imagine’, which is of Latin origin as some of you may know already. I found the definition of the word on Wikipedia, which is not the best of sources but I feel that it describes it just as I would expect and relates to this place perfectly:

‘Imaginarium: An imaginarium refers to a place devoted to the imagination. There are various types of imaginaria, centers largely devoted to stimulating and cultivating the imagination, towards scientific, artistic, commercial, recreational, or spiritual ends.’ Souce: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imaginarium

A place devoted to the imagination, describes what this blog hopes to achieve.



So anyway,

That’s it for my introduction, I hope you guys are as exited as I am to bring you this content, if you want to continue to stay updated with my posts make sure you check back every few days or even subscribe to my blog by clicking the ‘follow’ button at the bottom of the page. Thanks for tuning in and I will see you in the next post! Keep your imagination running wild.

Thank you for reading this!

Questions? Email me at: myimaginariumblog@gmail.com

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– Michael.